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4 Features of New Homes That Reduce Comfort and Energy Efficiency

If you own a newer home and it is not verified Energy Star, HERS, or one of the other recognized green designations, then chances are this article is for you. If you have a verified green home these things can affect the dynamic of your home if not done well.

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Through the years, calls originating from late model homes, whether comfort or high bill related, by and large are a result of one of these things or a combination of one or more.

The typically constructed home built to code in Cincinnati and the rest of Ohio prior to 2013 has done a poor job addressing these areas. Up until earlier this year, Ohio was using a building code based on the 2003 energy code. Though the residential energy code has been updated 3 times, (2006,2009,2013) earlier this year Ohio became a late adopter of a modified version of the 2009 energy code. The 2009 code addresses most of the issues we will point out.

1) Rooms built above an unconditioned garage. Often referred to as bonus rooms.

These spaces have many elements working against them. If special care in not given to make sure they are sealed, insulated and conditioned properly, they are eternally problematic in terms of comfort and energy efficiency. This article written by Building Scientist Dr. Allison Bailes,of Energy Vanguard, entitled “Does Your Bonus Room Need More Air Conditioning” ,gives an explanation of the problems and solutions associated with bonus rooms.

2) Unsealed and/or uninsulated ductwork in attics or crawlspaces.

According to the Department of Energy ductwork in unconditioned buffer zones that hasn’t been professionally insulated and sealed can lose between 25-40% of heating and cooling energy that pass through them. Rooms that are directly supplied by ductwork in these areas, especially the attic, will be very hard to keep comfortable. This will also cause your home to use a lot more energy than it should to heat and cool. This link to a Department of Energy document entitled“Better Duct Systems For Home Heating and Cooling”, gives a thorough explanation of ductwork locations, effects and solutions.

3) Large amounts of recessed lighting.

This is usually a 2 for one. First off there is the issue of inefficient lighting. Although the very efficient compact florescent lighting (squiggly bulb) has become very common place, recessed lighting is the fixtures we see them used least in. Many people tell us they do not produce the desired lighting for those types of fixtures. So you end up having anywhere from 10 to 50 sometimes more 40-75 watt incandescent bulbs being used. The second part of this is the fact that recessed lighting next to an attic or vaulted ceiling space is a passage for conditioned air to leave your home and unconditioned unhealthy air can enter. Even when air tight type recessed fixtures have been installed, unless special care has been taken to seal them correctly they still allow for unwanted air exchange with unconditioned areas. This can lead to various comfort issues as well as energy loss. LED lighting has come a long way and can supply just about any kind of light desired with a fraction of the wattage. (8W LED=40W incandescent) When retrofitted to an existing fixture a secondary beauty ring will allow them to be sealed properly to eliminate unwanted air exchange. For more on the benefits read,“Recessed Lights can Dim Energy Efficiency”

All of these things and more are evaluated when you have a home energy audit or home energy assessment performed on your home. A home energy audit includes air leakage testing using a blower door, and duct leakage testing using a duct blaster of ductwork located in attics and crawlspaces. Energy modeling is used to tell you how much money and energy usage you will save by doing things like replacing inefficient lighting.

Brow Lift Surgery

A brow lift, which is also called a forehead lift, is cosmetic surgery that can lift and tighten the forehead area for a younger look. A forehead lift can smooth the skin above the eyebrows and also make the eyes appear bigger, and more prominent, because the eyebrows are lifted higher.

Information on Brow Lift Procedures
There are different types of forehead lift surgery techniques:

Subcutaneous brow lift – With a subcutaneous brow lift technique, the incisions are made in front of the hairline. If you have a receding hairline, they will be made at the top of the forehead. Excess skin or loose skin will be removed. The remaining skin will be lifted and sutured in place.
Endoscopic brow lift – A brow lift can be done endoscopically. In this type of procedure, several small incisions are made. After the incisions are made, a tube or endoscope is inserted in one of the incisions. The surgeon can watch the underlying skin through a tiny camera inserted through the endoscope.
Temporal or lateral forehead lift – In a temporal or lateral forehead lift, two incisions are made, one at each temple. The cost for these procedures varies. You would need to discuss with your surgeon which procedure might be better for you.
A brow lift can help to reduce

worry lines or frown lines on the forehead, the ones that get deeper when you scowl
droopy or sagging eyebrows, that can give you a sad look all the time
furrow lines that make you look angry or tired even if you’re not
squint lines
the so-called 11’s, which are the parallel lines that look like the numeral eleven which form between the eyes
loose, crepey skin in the forehead
Generally forehead lift surgery is done on people over the age of 40, although it can be done on younger men or women as well. If there is excessive skin on the eyelid, you would talk with your doctor about eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty. If there are lines or wrinkles, you may instead consider dermal fillers or fat injections or grafting. Botox injections can also be used to reduce lines in the forehead.

Brow lift and forehead lift cost
The cost for a brow lift depends on the area where you live and your surgeon. Typically the cost ranges from $4000 to $5000. The cost may be reduced if you are having several procedures done by the same cosmetic surgeon. This is considered to be very serious surgery. So spend a lot of time considering if this is really the right thing for you. Your surgeon may also suggest a different type of procedure for forehead lines such as laser resurfacing, a chemical peel or dermabrasion. You need to discuss the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the costs of all these procedures.

It is very important that you choose a good cosmetic surgeon for a brow lift or any cosmetic surgery. Don’t choose one based on price or cost alone. Look for a plastic surgeon who specializes in brow lifts and other facial surgeries such as nose jobs or chin surgery. Ask questions before getting cosmetic surgery. Look at before and after photos of people with similar features. Remember that there are potential complications including anesthesia issues, infection and other risks. After surgery, there will be pain and swelling. Make sure you follow your post-operative instructions. Men or women considering a brow lift should also be realistic in their expectations about cosmetic surgery.

Decorating With Elegant Living Room Furniture

Elegant and formal living room furniture might remind you of your dream house even if you are just living in a condo. These kinds of rooms are good for company and dialog but they will additionally still work in your everyday life.

It is necessary to stability these two points in order that they can be used on a daily basis and to assist maximize your square footage. Listed here are a number of ideas for picking out this sort of furnishings and profiting from your current pieces. Click here to visit FES

It’s vital to know exactly what makes the piece look expensive. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend so much of money.

You may even have the ability to find this type of furnishings within the categorised advertisements or at garage sale. You wish to look for very intricate details. These include any gold leafing accents in addition to a wood carvings.

One other facet that can make your typical living room furniture look extra formal is a sublime fabric. You possibly can even make cotton look sophisticated as long as it’s a very rich and deep chocolate brown.

You wish to choose a sofa that can work for your on a regular basis life and then simply dress it up with throw pillows and trim work.

Trim is another traditional hallmark of this design style. You would possibly be capable of discover nail head particulars as well as tassel work if you’d like a Tuscan or conventional vibe:

Wingback chairs are very formal and elegant feeling. It should really make your room fill extra traditional than only a fundamental recliner. It would give your area extra of a library feeling to it.

That is the form of type you really want to watch out with so your TV doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. When you’ve got a flat display put an intricate console underneath it.

It’s also possible to flip it into art work with an ornate gold body around it. For formal front room furniture you really wish to focus in on making every part match and having a cohesive design.

This is without doubt one of the few alternatives to update and purchase an entire front room set with out it looking cheesy.

One other aspect of formal living room furniture are wood tones. The wooden tones needs to be dark and wealthy resembling mahogany, cherry, or walnut.

It will make your room instantly really feel richer and more elegant. Plus, it is a pretty traditional design so you’ll be able to add in new items over time to complete the set. Thanks for visiting!

Dealers Of Hyundai Cars In Scottsdale, Arizona

The increasing demand for cars plus other cars has at some point accounted for the great number of Hyundai dealers in Arizona. These dealers act as mediators in the process of buying and selling cars. Scottsdale Hyundai dealers give you substantial aid to customers in shopping for both new and even used cars. However, getting from dealers has its own shortcomings, other than benefits. Below are some positives and negatives you need to think about while shopping for cars from certified dealerships. Mirror Finish Detail –

The pros:
1. Authorized dealers help you save on a significant amount of time.
When you approach a dealer for shopping for a car of your choice, whether it’s a new car or simply a used one, they help you find perfect models plus let you test drive it. After finalizing a particular car, you can reliably leave all paper work plus other formalities which are involved, to the licensed Scottsdale Hyundai dealers. This way, you get a substantial saving on time. You no longer need to take the pain of arranging documents or submitting them. All this work automatically becomes the dealer’s duty.
2.All this work automatically gets the dealer’s duty.
If you’re searching for loans choices for your new car, Scottsdale Hyundai dealers can provide many good offers plus car loans with the help of their experience and knowledge in the domain. A lot of them in fact offer to sell cars on monthly installments, so, leaving you with a wide array of payment options to choose from.

3. Lots of dealerships give you the opportunity to trade-in your old car.
You can get a decent value for your old car if you give it as a trade-in to licensed Hyundai dealers in Arizona. The amount they will give for the old car would be close to what your car may otherwise have fetched were you to sell it off. The task only will get less complicated as you do not have to look further for buyers.
4. Dealers keep Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles
If you would like shop for a used car and would be satisfied by almost nothing less than a certified one, dealers are the best, in fact the just, places where you can find them. Be sure to go to an authorized dealership to get the best of discounts on a pre-owned car.

The Disadvantages:
1. You quite often end up paying extra cash.
Car dealers keep their own margin of profit in every deal they make. And so it is a given that you will have to spend some extra cash as the dealer’s percentage.
2. Interest rates might be higher when you avail financing options through a dealer.
Scottsdale Hyundai dealers can get you easier plus easy financing although they might, at the same time, be a little more costly than they would otherwise have cost. And so it is generally a better option if you go about the financing part on your own as it may get you lower interest rates.
3. Officious salesmen can be little annoying to handle.
The sales people at many authorized Hyundai dealers in Arizona normally work on a commission, and so they might get a bit too meddlesome when offering automobile extras. There are many car accessories that you do not actually need although end up buying, succumbing to the continuous pressure from pushy sales people.

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