5 Content Ideas for your Clinic’s Facebook Page

Every where I look there are health clinics out there with Facebook pages. talk to random people Thats Great. Whats not great, is that there is very infrequent posting of content and there is very little audience engagement. Consequently Practice owners are frustrated and seriously doubting the effectiveness of this style of marketing.

Believe it or not, this has been the topic of research ..

Content is King and there are four main types of content that you could be providing to your hungry consumers ; Educational, Informative, Entertaining and Inspiring. To appeal to as broad a range of learning styles as possible, keep your content across a range of media styles ; videos, photos, infographics, podcasts, etc.

Research. Health Professionals are great at keeping up to date with research. Often we are reading latest articles in the journals as a matter of weekly frequency. Simply get into the habit of sharing the article link in a status update on your facebook page. If you are interested in the topic, most often the clients you service will also be interested.

Case Studies. Every now and again we do get an interesting patient with interesting stories. Ask you patient if they mind having their story shared on your facebook page. Take a picture of their injury, the exercises you prescribed or the stretch that most helped them. Could even include them in a podcast and outline the techniques that you employed to assist their recovery. Post it to You tube.

Entertaining Imgur.Imgur is a free app which can be downloaded to your ipad. iphone, computer, whatever. You can search topics and find images with funny comments and captions attached. You can link your facebook and twitter accounts to Imgur so that posting is as easy as laughing.

Inspiring Quotes.Again, nothing cheesy. If it appeals to you then it will appeal to others. Follow @quotweet or @thebestquotes on twitter and you will have a nugget of wisdom regularly appearing in your twitter stream which can be shared on facebook.

Video Posts from You tube.Search You tube for a topic relevent to your patients. For example, Hamstring injuries. If you enter that into the search engine, you will be exposed to lots of great 2-3 minute videos outlining all manner of content relevent to this topic. Once you have created a customised chanel on you tube, you can share these videos to facebook with ease.

LIfe become much easier when all your social mediums are linked, so that posting on one, effectively means you are posting on all. This creates the illusion that you are a social media freak… always around, and always willing to engage and listen.

I will admit, that the problem with all of this great information I have shared is that it TAKES TIME. Lots of clinics dont have the time to source the different types of content across several media styles. The social meda monsters have insatiable appetites. They need to be fed at least 2-3 times daily to have an impact. If you ignore them, they ignore you and lose interest.

Contact us today and we will assist you in keeping your blog content fresh, your twitter profile spruced and your facebook page liked.

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