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With the way that technology has become so apparent and necessary in our lives, we may be at risk for ‘digital overload’. Medical Information UK This comes in a variety of forms, pathways and has many repercussions. What we’ll be addressing in this article is how we might choose to do a digital detox as a way of weaning ourselves from the (potential) harmful effects of living within this digital field.

Before we start talking about an effective way to go about this type of detox – different than from our traditional discussions about diet, exercise and other herbal means – let’s define what we’re discussing. The human body is nothing more than a very complex and interconnected energetic matrix. I know, this sounds a little ‘sci-fi-ish’, but if you take a minute to think about it, it will all make sense.

This is how you might visualize the energy of your body connecting outwardly.

See, all of our cells and tissues are made of individual atoms. These atoms are composed of smaller parts and at the base of it all is energy. In fact, to get even deeper into this discussion, all things in the universe are energy.

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Now, here is where it all gets more focused and important regarding your health and well being. Many leading scientists have been studying how our bodies react or respond in environments where there is more electromagnetic radiation (ER or EMR). While there are no absolutely conclusive studies showing how EMR or these electromagnetic fields (EMF) affect the human body, there are signs that we are affected by them.

Anecdotally speaking, people who live in high areas of EMF fields (power lines, heavy high-tech industrial areas, office workers who work long hours, etc.) report more fatigue and irritability. Now, you might argue that these could be due to any number of variables. True enough, however, when removed from these regions, it is like their bioenergetic fields are restored and they become more balanced again. When back in the ‘electronic’ setting, these ‘symptoms’ reappear.

Here is an example by Alex Grey, portraying how he envisions our energetic body connecting through and to the Earth (look at the feet).

I don’t think that anyone could argue that being exposed to high EMF fields (or even low ones) over the course of one’s life could take a toll, it’s just the degree to which it can affect our health that may be in question. It’s really the similar type of argument that we hear regarding an herbal detox and other cleansing types of diets. The opponents will always say that it is unnecessary or that your body can do this on its own without the need for assistance.

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True, the body is capable of many things and detoxing is one of the primary functions that our organs serve. One might argue that we have actually evolved over time to be better able to do these functions. However, the pace at which technology has advanced has outpaced our body’s ability to adapt effectively.

So, what can you do to protect yourself?

A great way is to go about a technology detox. This could take various forms and degrees. In other words, it doesn’t mean that you have to turn off your computer, TV, phone, internet, laptop, notebook, iPod, iPad (I know, it’s tough) and other devices all at once and for an extended period. It means taking a break from them and getting in some time with nature. If you live in the desert, like I do, then going out in mid-July or August is not going to work. You can still work on planting some plants indoors or watering a garden, taking your time along the way. Anything that keeps you ‘unplugged’ for even a few hours is a step in a healthier direction. Then, you can move up to longer periods. Who knows, at some point, you might even be able to go a whole day digital free! Imagine that.

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